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hope you all have a nice day here

Rest now.

rest, now my dear friend and let the pain drop
you will go ahead, you will rise to new goals I hold your hand and show you new way to a peaceful place your how many have traveled before you a beautiful life, will be abruptly torn away a beautiful life so tenderly so skirt a life, Another believed, did not have the right of life and had to go away

your time us me got too short, so much we did not get done now you have to go for the last time and without me
thank you for memories, yes thanks for everything and rest now
until we go one day go hand in hand

a beautiful life, will be abruptly torn away
a beautiful life, so tender, so skirt
one life, another meant, did not have the right of life and had to go away

so rest now my dear beloved friend
Yes, rest now until we meet again
rest now and thanks for everything
till we meet in heaven

till we meet in heaven.

Norwegian song that I have translated the text on. and listen to the day since 22.07.2011

As a true northern lion from Norway, I've never taken myself seriously here with my cup of coffee "96% alcohol and 4% coffee" ...... hehehe

do not do anything against them others that you do not accept that they are doing with you.my living rule

Age: Do not remember because it's been a long time ago"and too many europeans with alcohol since I was born"

with best regards: Her-Drap

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