Current Event*

Event Name starting ending what ´ll happen?  
Lottery Event 3th May 31th May 10.000 - 5.000.000 cash to your bank account  

Event Icons*

credit loot casemoney loot caselottery ticket

red ribbonvalentines cardcanned tomatoesmore event icons soon!

diamondammunition boxcase of beer

mounties hatJack-o-Laternspaghetti napoli

*what can be found behind event icons?

direct cash = 10.000 - 5.000.000

cash to your bank account = 10.000 - 5.000.000

credits = 1 - 50

ammunition = 2 - 100

Event Calendar*

*still working on this


Event Name starting
what´ll happen?            
happy hour

each day 18:00

server time
19:00 +35% Credits            





Mafia day

Birthday of the game

14th July

extra rewards*            
Birthday of dunkelfeuer
3th October

extra rewards*
Mad Monday Giveaway

each monday

25 credits, 1,000,000 cash / 1,000,000 bank account, 1 vip day, 100% health, 12 hours protection and 25 ammunition.

Midweek Madness Giveaway

each wednesday


5 credits, 500,000 cash / 500,000 bank account, 1 vip day, 100% health, 6 hours protection and 10 ammunition

Black Friday Giveaway

each friday


50 credits, 2,000,000 cash / 2,000,000 bank account, 2 vip day, 100% health, 24 hours protection and 50 ammunition.

Christmas 20th december 27th December catch one of three gifts under the christmas tree            
Happy New Year! 31th December 4th January find the credit loot case on a random page            
Easter Eggs! 28th March   find the easter egg on a random page            

Independence day

3th July
5th July
find the gift o a random page


6th October

8th October

find the thanksgiving turkey a random page

Helloween 31th October
find the Jack-o-Latern on a random page            


pm  to add your event/birthday on this page!

Birthday of Mari 27th February                

Birthday of Kafantadeg 28th July  
Birthday of MasterBandit 23th October                
Birthday of Meliodas 11th September