A strong hand can land you some major respect, maybe even enough to pull to gether a strong familly. Do you crave power, respect,money and wealth? What are you willing to do for it? Murder, stealing car's, robbing old ladies and fight against the russian mafia? Do you have what it will take to lead your faimily to ultimate power and respect?

What to do on KriegerHD?
Organized crime with your friends
Train your Marksmanship to become a better killer
Steal over 50 various cars
Race with your stolen cars and win cash or just collect them all
Human trafficking in China
Money truck robbery
Robbery and working for Pablo Escobar
Group robbery in Romania
Fight the Russian Mafia or play Russian Roulette
Search for the mysterious packages
Murder "The Pharaoh"
Produce your own drugs in your drug lab and sell them to the junkie pope
Use the airport to conquer 16 diffrent countries and become the owner of them
Train in the boxing club to increase your boxing skill
Go to the gym and earn random strenght
Spin the wheel of fortune to win extra rewards
Murder other players and earn credits via the hitlist
Work for the mafia
  Create or join a family to battle or steal from other familys

What does the game offer to me after creating an account?
Roleplay based rank system
Daily voting for cash and credit rewards (Ad clicks 1-5)
Credit-Lotto and many other ways to earn credits
Crypto-Lotto and diffrent ways to earn crypto currencies
Mafia-Shop - unique {animated} avatars and more
Ranking system
All new players will start with 1.000.000€ cash, 1.000.000€ bank account, 30 days of VIP, 200 lockpicks to break out from prison and 48 hours of protection



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