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In this browser game you will walk in the footsteps of a Mafia member. By showing your strength, earning respect, and rising in rank, you will slowly become renowned and feared in the world of the Mafia. Outsmart your fellow players and become the most powerful Mafiosi.

In the beginning it will take some time getting used to. If you have little experience with similar games, you will need some time to learn the tricks of the trade. Dont worry though, by just trying everything out you will quickly learn. Steal cars, commit (organized) crimes, gamble in the casino: after performing some of these activities, you will get a hang of the way crimes are integrated in this game.

what to do?
search for the mysterious packages in different countries! It will change every week!
produce and sell your own drugs
train your marksmanship
perform sports to increase your strenght
do hot races with your stolen cars and earn extra cash!
perform group robberies with your friends or family members
spin the wheel of fortune and win prices
steal over 50 various cars
more actions every day or once per week!
human trafficking sell your drugs to the junkie pope work for the mafia and earn extra cash money truck robbery
fight against the russian mafia or play russian roulette and win credits murder the pharaoh in eqypt fulfill the the daily quest, and receive every day a greater reward!    
This Game is provably fair!



if you register today you´ll be rewarded with following things
€ 1.000.000 Cash € 1.000.000 Bank 100 credits 30 days of vip
200 lockpicks to break out from the prison 48 hours of protection 100 % life
if you register today you´ll be rewarded with following things

Mad Monday Giveaway

25 credits, 1,000,000 cash / 1,000,000 bank account, 1 vip day, 100% health, 12 hours protection and 25 ammunition.

Midweek Madness Giveaway

5 credits, 500,000 cash / 500,000 bank account, 1 vip day, 100% health, 6 hours protection and 10 ammunition.

Black Friday Giveaway

50 credits, 2,000,000 cash / 2,000,000 bank account, 2 vip day, 100% health, 24 hours protection and 50 ammunition.

the abillity to create your own family, perform family crimes and spin the family wheel of fortune!  

donate/invest into our KriegerHD-Wallet and earn special rewards or win in our crypto-lotto (needs 3 or more players)

more special events can be found on our event page in the game!


Here is a list of banned accounts. If you are banned you may use the contact form, to plead your case...

#   Username   Banned on   Banned until  
1 DarkMatter 16/08/2018 00:52 Permanent
2 P-ESCOBAR 15/06/2018 23:31 Permanent
3 Okre97 21/05/2018 12:28 Permanent
4 Oblivious 10/04/2018 21:16 Permanent
5 Vayne 01/04/2018 07:24 Permanent
6 faggot 28/03/2018 17:50 Permanent
7 rlgreen 28/03/2018 17:36 Permanent
8 Andy 10/03/2018 19:42 Permanent
9 Makaveli 20/02/2018 17:27 Permanent
10 Makavelii 20/02/2018 17:26 Permanent


16th August, 2018



Recent News

New Update and a new Event  2018-10-01 7:18 AM

Added Mini-Car-Racing to the game.
Objects and background will change in the future depending on the season or events. Try your driving-skills now!

Mexican-Standoff event is active 1st - 31th october
No bullets used at Marksmanship, increased the chance to find credits by playing the Marksmanship.
Credits-gifts will appear on random page of the game. Happy looting!
New Update - additional level system  2018-08-20 10:05 PM

You can now level up your Godfather rank!
New Update - Lotto  2018-07-11 6:50 AM

3x a week there is a draw. Immediately after the draw you will receive a private message with the result. Possible winnings are automatically credited to your account!

To participate in the Lotto you just need to tick 4 numbers. You pay 100 credits per play and participate as often as you like.